Registering for Teagasc Web Applications

In order to access the applications you must register as a user. To do this simply click on the register here link on the front page of the site and fill the on-line registration form. The form asks you for the following details.

PPSN This is your Personal Public Service Number (same as your old RSI number). You will find this on most forms submitted to the Department of Agriculture such as your Area Aid form, REPS etc.

Password You are asked to pick a password of your choice. This can be a series of letter or numbers or a combination of both. Try to pick a password that is fairly short and is easy to remember such as a date of birth or a familiar name/word. Please write this down and keep it somewhere safe as you will need it in future to log into the site.

Confirm Password You are asked to type in your password again to ensure that you have typed the password correctly.

Client Number This is the number that Teagasc uses in all correspondance with you . You will find it on any Teagasc invoice. If you cannot find your client number, please contact your local Teagasc office and they will help you.

Surname This is the surname on your current Teagasc contract

E-mail Address This is your contact e-mail address.

When you have filled in all areas of the form, click on the submit your registration button. The sytem will check to ensure that you are a current Teagasc Client. If you are, you will be passed onto a welcome screen and you can proceed to log into the site from here. If your details are incorrect, or if your Teagasc Contract is out of date you may not be able to register for the site and you should contact your local Teagasc office for more details.

Important Note: PPSN Number is being used as your username as it is a unique identifier for each Irish Citizen and is in line with other e-Government initiatives. Any information submitted on the site is protected by the Data Protection Act.

This means that Teagasc only retain and use submitted data for the purpose for which it has been given, and under no circumstances can this information be disclosed to a third party or any other Government Department without the prior approval of the client.

To Register for Teagasc Web Applications please CLICK HERE